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Welcome to Revive Colon Hydrotherapy

Revive Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic is a clinic registered with The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy(GPACT) in Ipswich. The clinic was founded by Najma Khan with the aim of providing the highest standards of professionalism, treatment and care, enabling her patients to realise fully the benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

Colonic Irrigation

An introduction to the colonic treatment and the benefits

What is Colonic Irrigation?

Colon irrigation (also known as colon hydrotherapy or colonics) exercises colon muscles that have been weakened by the build-up of toxic debris. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon during the treatment improves the peristaltic activity (muscular contraction) that moves material. This in turn helps speed up the transit time of faecal material once the muscles have been toned, strengthened and rejuvenated.The gentle action of the water also helps eliminate pockets of waste, returning the colon to its natural state. The colon or large intestine is the end portion of the human digestive tract. It eliminates waste, conserves water and absorbs electrolytes and minerals. Waste material (impacted faeces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites, chemical residue, etc) that has remained there for some time can pose health problems. These poisons can enter the blood stream, making us feel weak, tired or ill.

Impacted materials can also impair the colon’s ability to assimilate minerals and cause an abundance of bad bacteria and yeast. A build-up of material on the large intestine wall can also inhibit muscular action, causing sluggish bowel movements, slow transit time and Constipation. Colon irrigation, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonics can greatly alleviate this congestion and is a safe, effective method for ridding the system of waste.

Colonic irrigation is a relaxing, gentle experience which includes highest quality products and sanitary standards are incorporated. Filtered temperature regulated water is introduced into the colon through a disposable speculum after the waste material of the colon is softened and loosened it is evacuated through a flexible plastic hose that connects the speculum to the colon hydrotherapy device. There are no offensive smells or mess to worry about. It is very safe as the water is introduced at low pressure so there is no danger of bowel perforation. The treatment usually lasts around an hour and your modesty is preserved at all times.

Colon hydrotherapy requires safe, reliable and efficient machines which have been designed for that purpose. At our Revive Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic we use the Colon Hydromat, which is manufactured by Hermann Apparatebau GmbH, in Germany, and is considered by many to be the best possible. There are certain contra indications to colonic including some bowel conditions, pregnancy and heart problems. A detailed medical history is taken during the first consultation so necessary information is known.

Our Services


Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic cleansing encompasses a number of alternative medical therapies claimed to remove nonspecific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract by removing any accumulations of feces.


Facial massage

A treatment to aid the slowing down of the aging process, and achieve younger looking and healthier skin. It is also used to relieve stress, migraine headache, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and sinus congestion.


Castor oil body massage

Castor oil helps relax and relieve achy muscles, increases blood circulation, and soothes your body meanwhile nourishing your skin. Castor oil also has anti-inflammatory properties helping soothe sore joints and muscles.


Full Abdominal hands on massage

Abdominal massage is a therapy that helps to tone and strengthen the muscles located in your abdomen. This tremendously helps to boosts your digestive metabolic system. An abdominal massage can help when you’re trying to detoxify your body - such as that of a colon cleanse.

About Your Colon


The colon is also called the large intestine or the bowl. It is 1.5 metres in length and is a hollow, tube-like organ that is situated at the end of the alimentary canal. This is where the final stages of digestion, absorption and elimination take place. The colon carries out a number of vital functions including:

– absorption of water-soluble vitamins and the     synthesising of valuable nutrients, such as Vitamin K
– storage of waste, bacteria and intestinal gas
– excretion of poisons and waste products

The Benefits of Colonic Therapy

  • Anti-Ageing & Hydrating
  • Detoxifying & Boosts Weight Loss
  • Relieves constipation and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Clear your colon of hardened waste material and harmful toxins
  • Stimulate your body’s circulation and boost your immune system
  • Enhance your absorption from your food and nutrients into your blood steam
  • Promotes / increases regular bowel movements
  • Improves your mental clarity
  • Relief from mental anguish
  • Have a clearer, more radiant skin complexion – helps with acne, dehydration, psoriasis and eczema
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Relieves flatulence, bloatedness and stomach cramps

Colonic Treatment Packages

The price of the initial consultation, where the practitioner will discuss with you your concerns, lifestyle and reasons for treatment, is £80 (including colonic) and will take around 90 minutes. All sessions for colonics thereafter take about 20-45 minutes. It is recommended that clients have at least three, and usually between four, and six treatments to derive the optimum benefit.

Single Package

£  80
  • Includes a single treatment and initial consultation with the therapist.

Entry Package

£  155
  • Includes a pack of 2 treatment and initial consultation with the therapist.

Starter Package

£ 225
  • Includes a pack of 3 treatment and initial consultation with the therapist.

Detox Package

£  390
  • Includes a pack of 6 treatment and initial consultation with the therapist.

Coffee Package

£  55
  • Includes a single treatment for a coffee enema. This package must be purchased with a colonic package

Massage Packages

Facial massage

£  35

    Castor oil hands on massage

    £  50

      Full Abdominal hands on massage

      £  30

        Large colon massage

        £  25

          Digestive Aid and Absorption Aid massage

          £  30

            Call now & Book a Massage Treatment

            Cancellation Policy: - We understand that sometimes cancellations cannot be avoided, however, in line with other practices, we have a standard cancellation policy and a cancellation fee which will be charged when we are given less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation.


            A normal colonic treatement can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The facial treatments will vary between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the treatment booked.

            No, since the process is managed during the therapy. Many people come during their lunch break and head back to work afterwards, with no problems at all.

            No, depending on the individual, some people may feel only minor discomfort. Only in the case of an impacted colon you may experience a slight discomfort. Some cramping may occur as the colon contracts to expel waste. Once the major impaction is removed, you will find the session pleasant and relaxing.

            No, there is no need to fast, in fact it is better for the therapist’s assessment if you don’t.

            We don’t recommend it when you’re pregnant or if you have medical advise to avoid it because of an existing condition. – if you are unsure please speak to one of our professional team Call 07875470103

            Following a cleansing of the large intestinal, the body may feel weary or relaxed. This is simply your body working out and processing through its cleaning period; proper rest is important at this time to give your body time to rejuvenate.
 Immediately after receiving Colonic Hydrotherapy, it is important to:
            Drink plenty of liquids (purified water, juices, herbal teas and electrolyte liquids).
            Eat a healthy vegetable soup within the next couple of hours;
            Avoid eating raw vegetables straight after the treatment. Steamed vegetables and raw fruit are sufficient. (To be chewed very thoroughly).
            Reduce meat consumption (especially beef, pork as well as chicken), alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake.

            About Us


            Revive Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic is equipped to meet all legislative and health and safety requirements. Patient comfort is paramount, the treatment room provides a tranquil ambience and the fully adjustable treatment couch provides safe access for patients with differing needs. Colon hydrotherapy requires safe, reliable and efficient machines which have been designed for that purpose. At Revive Colon Hydrotherapy we use the Colon Hydromat, which is manufactured by Hermann Apparatebau GmbH, in Germany, and is considered by many to be the best possible. Hygiene is now regarded as one of the most important performance aspects of healthcare. Although Revive Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic is not a hospital, best practice brings with it the mandatory requirement for the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

            Toilet and changing facilities are provided exclusively for the use of patients within the treatment room. Upon arrival a separate area, also with its own toilet, allows patients to wait in comfort prior to treatment, and if they so choose, to rest after treatment.

            If you need any help, please feel free to contact us any time during business hours. We are here to assist you in any way possible.

            We are happy to answer any of your questions in regards to any of the treatments or products we provide.

            We pride ourselves on delivering a comfortable, respectful and professional environment where your needs come first and foremost. We can guarantee this by providing highly trained friendly staff who follow our values towards total customer satisfaction.

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